New!!! Semi Permanent Waves with NU Wave by Goldwell

Today we spent the day in the studio with the Goldwell Educator who took us through in-depth training in the all new innovation in texture and shape change NUWAVE!! The first semi-permanent shape change service for effortless waves and smart process control. IT´S REVOLUTIONARY! We had the lovely Tegan step in as our model to perfect our technique using the fun rollers with self-winding technology. Please be aware this is not a perm this is a soft temporary shape change service that provides a wavy look for up to 12 weeks. This service can be done on coloured and highlighted hair but we don't recommend it for multiple over processed hair.

Tegan's hair was healthy with highlights and mainly natural very flat and straight and doesn't hold a styled curl well.

Our results were subtle however gave her movement of a very natural gentle wave and her hair felt soft and healthy.

This service is now available in salon so lets break down the service and time...

  1. Cleanse hair and apply Nu wave 1 Prep Cream - 15mins then 15mins to process.

  2. Rinse off and towel dry and apply rollers - 20-30mins (varies with hair type)

  3. Apply Nu Wave 2 Shaping Lotion 2mins then process for 15mins

  4. Apply Nu Wave 3 Replenishing Lotion and Nu Wave 4 Lock In Fluid - 5mins, then process for 10mins

  5. Slide out rollers and rinse and apply Hydrating Treatment 10mins

  6. Style 15mins (Depending on how client prefers)

So all up this service can take around 120mins and last up to 12weeks the cost from $240 lets break it down: divide that by 12 weeks gives you a treatment price of $20 per week which is amazing for all the benefits of shape and style! We are ready to reshape your style!

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